May 13, 2006

Bad Boy King! Go to your room!

The Boy King of the Conservative Party has called for the repeal of the Human Rights Act, which would be a bad thing.

Yes the act is flawed, and yes the way that it has been used by the Human Rights Industry has brought the whole thing into disrepute. But it is still needed.

Human Rights, and this flawed act, are there to protect us from the predation of an over-mighty state New Labour having removed most of the previous protections we must try to hang onto what is left, such as the Human Rights Act, as it is better to have legislation as protection, even if it is flawed and being used badly, than no protection at all.


Just had a look at Not Little England and New Labour is at it as well. Apparently they no longer like the legislation that they introduced (well perhaps they should have drafted it better, like most of the other legislation they have introduced). So now that it's publicity value has faded they want to get rid of it. This is hardly surprising, it would be extremely unlike them not to jump in with both jackboots to any authoritarianism going. But repeal is not the answer, as MatGB says:
[Perhaps there should be] proper training to make sure people don't get carried away with erroneous concerns? That's good. New legislation? What is it with you lot and new legislation? Why not fully make use of the laws we've already got first? A new law should be the last resort, not the first. Your staff, and other State employees charged with protecting us, etc are failing in their duty out of erroneous concerns.


Blogger tomdg said...

It just gets worse, doesn't it. What I heard on the BBC sounded even worse than that. TB was proposing a law that allowed ministers to overrule in court cases. I hope I've got that wrong!

Like you, I expect, I get very angry and very scared when that idiot starts to talk about "reasonable people".

I haven't found anything more concrete about this, but here's a couple of links which allude to it:

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